Health Applications

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Weight & BMI Diary

Weight and BMI Diary, is an extremely useful yet simple tool to keep a track of your weight. Within a few seconds you can calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI) and know whether you are underweight, of normal weight, overweight, obese or grossly obese. With a click of a button this information is stored for future reference. This application is for adults.

My Medication Diary

My Medication Diary is an app that not only reminds you to take your medication on time but a comprehensive diary to keep tab of every aspect of the medications you are taking now and were taking before.

Women's Health Immunization

Women’s Health Immunization is an app specially designed to guide you with your vaccination. It helps you to recognise the important vaccinations against diseases required, whether you have already been vaccinated against these diseases and when you need the next booster doses, if required. It also alerts you when the next doses are due.

Women's Health Screening

Women’s Health Screening is an app specially designed for you, to help you with the common health screening tests advocated by most doctors. It helps you record and monitor these tests, and alerts you accordingly when you want them to be repeated. In short, it is a report card of your health screening. It helps you take charge of your health.

Weight Calorie Watch

Weight Calorie Watch helps you to monitor your weight, your body mass index and know what your requirement is if you want to maintain, lose or gain weight. It also helps you keep track of your daily intake and expenditure (by exercise).

Women's Health Appointments

Women’s Health Appointments is an app specially designed to help you with your medical appointments. It keeps a tab on your appointments when your next appointments are due and alerts you accordingly. The app also keeps other useful medical contacts as well, such as your neighborhood Pharmacists and your Medical Insurance Representative.

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